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Stellar Services
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Utility: Prediction
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne


THE PATTERN of the stars of destiny looks good for Steller Services which is producing computer programs for the Spectrum and ZX-81 to help budding astrologers. The first cassette in the series calculates ascendant, mid-heaven, planet positions and planetary aspects using the equal house method, which is common in the world of astrology.

The chart can be constructed with a fair degree of accuracy for any time and any place in the world.

Accuracy is something the author of the program is trying to improve all the time. For that reason the program has been amended several times, although users are welcome to talk to the company and the after-sales back-up is good.

The company claims that several professional astrologers are using the program to make the drawing of charts for clients faster and more accurate. The program is not a toy and anyone who buys it for a party gimmick will be disappointed.

The good-quality program will work wonders for those who put their faith in the stars. It is available from Steller Services, 8 Fir Tree Vale, Leeds LS17 7EY. It costs £10.

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