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JRS Software Ltd
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ZX Spectrum 16K

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GAMES CASSETTES with a series of games have become more and more popular since Michael Orwin had such a success with his cassettes One to Four. Now JRS has produced a selection of games for the Spectrum on one cassette.

The first game is called Airport and is loaded in two parts. Part one is the instructions and part two can be loaded after them. The player is a groundsman at an airport and has to contend with moles digging holes in the runway and trees growing all over the place. The game is hectic and can be confusing at times but it is enjoyable to play and original.

Crabs is like Pacman but much more complicated. It is crabs and not ghosts which chase the player around the maze but the power pills are still the same and so is their effect on the crabs. If you eat a power pill the crabs will run from you. If you manage to catch one your points score is boosted.

Alien takes its plot from the film of the same name. The player has to crawl through the air ducts of the Nostromo spaceship in search of the alien. The only aid the player has is a direction meter. The game quickens in tempo as the alien disappears at any time and can re-appear anywhere. If the monster gets the player the game is finished.

The cassette is well-produced, although Airport is confusing for the player who is also a beginner. ZX Spectrum Games is available from JRS Software, 19 Wayside Avenue, Worthing, Sussex BN13 3JU. It costs £4.95.

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