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Mind Games
Adventure: Graphic
ZX Spectrum 48K

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John Gilbert
Chris Bourne

IF LURKING around London underground stations is your idea of a fun time then Give My Regards To Broad Street ought to appeal.

Argus informs us that the game has been okayed by ageing ex-Beatle Paul McCartney, presumably because the plot of the game closely resembles the film. In other words, little happens and it's corny.

You are Paul, and if that doesn't put you off, you must travel around London by car trying to find the members of your band on the run. You must also pick up chords which have been lost from the hit song No More Lonely Nights - which still got into the charts despite my best efforts. You have 24 hours to find your crew.

With luck you will eventually learn to manoeuvre your temperamental vehicle and stop at a station as one of the characters is about to go in or come out. You must wait around until you pick one up, together with chords, but beware the wheel-clamping traffic wardens.

The game is technically excellent. There are two types of screen. The first display shows your car on the road map of London. Underground stations are highlighted and much effort has gone into producing a detailed map of the capital. There is also a radar screen at the bottom of the screen and information about characters who have just gone into or left stations.

The other screen depicts an underground station and shows you waiting for your friends. Every so often a warden comes along and you must rush back to the car.

It is unfortunate that such an obviously brilliant team of programmers did not have a better plot with which to work. Surely the film included more details than lost friends and musical notes. On second thoughts, perhaps not.

John Gilbert

Publisher: Argus
Price: £7.95
Joystick: Kempston
Memory: 48K