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Tartan Software
Tom D. Frost
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Let me introduce you to a person who has been known to spread chaos on the world.

His name is Tom Frost and the chaos that he spreads is of the adventure game variety, and may the Great God of Adventure bless him for continuing to produce good quality games at low prices.

He's been doing this for some years, as his many loyal followers will know to their pleasure. Others take note, you don't know what you're missing. He writes excellent stuff, does our Tom. One such is his latest effort, a three-parter (which is what the cassette box says, but there are actually four parts) called The Gordello Incident, which sounds very similar to the title of another adventure game, but we'll let it pass. The format used is roughly the same as his popular Double Agent game, in that we have a vertical split-screen to stare at.

However, changes have been made. Now we have an OOPS command, which for some reason is abbreviated to M. You'll need this often, I can tell you, because one of the two clones initially under your control in the first part of the game has a highly irritating habit: he does the opposite of what you tell him! Ask him to go north, he goes south. Ask him to open a trapdoor, he closes it. It all adds to the fun.

These particular habits continue throughout the game, until by the time we get to part three there are umpteen characters roaming about just itching got you to tell them to do something. Whether they will or not is another matter. Gardeners, soldiers, boxers, all sorts of people, and if you don't ask them to do something, why, they'll just go ahead and do something anyway.

Fortunately there is a pause feature (missing originally, but everyone who play-tested it felt that the game was much too hard!) to give you time to relax and ponder over your next move. Very useful.

The Gordello incident only costs £3.95, and like just about every other Tom Frost game I can heartily recommend it. Postal order, cheques and cowrie shells to Tartan Software, 61 Bailie Norrie Crescent, Montrose, Angus, Scotland DD10 9DT. Get those clones working for you today!

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