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Gary Capewell
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Blaby, 48K £5.50 (1)
You're Ernie, an old lag just broken out of prison. In the first screen you must escape from the prison compound, avoiding the guards and their torches, get through the opening and closing gates and into a life of crime in the second screen. This is a nightmare of platforms, littered with Hitachi stereos and other valuable goodies to be collected, but the screen is dissected vertically by 6 gates which ride up and down the screen, all out of time with each other, Once committed, Ernie cannot stop until he gets to the other side and climbs up a level. There's also a mean copper on the loose who, if he catches Ernie, sends him to the bottom of the screen after beating him up! Timing is the essence in the very difficult and attractive looking game. Not one for beginners! Sensible control keys, joystick: Kempston, reasonably smooth compiled machine code. CRASH rating: overall 77% recommended.