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Elite Systems Ltd
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Dave Nicholls, Ross Holman, Roger Willis
Chris Bourne

Roger: Offering an each-way bet on punter interest (aarghh!), Elite has combined most facets of Aintree's only claim to be anything other than a centre of unusually high unemployment. After all, isn't it better to train people to infest the bookie's rather than hang about on street corners?

The packaging has the essential form guide, which introduced rank outsiders to the opening screens of listed equestrian delights, whose odds change as racing history progresses. Besides the opportunity to spread basic stake money through the field, a player is also given the chance to take Spectrum reins in hand, riding a chosen nag.

The thunderous assault in Liverpudlian turf is represented by a sectionalised action profile of your trusty steed. This allows judgement of fearsome hedge approaches, and an aerial 'plan' view of fences, jumps and all the other old donkeys thrashing about, to facilitate barging one's way through to the front... This is one game that ain't gonna be pulling a 48K milkfloat the day after. 5/5 HIT

Dave: This is a pretty safe bet. It could be a touch faster in the race sequence but the horsey graphics are well observed and the betting side of it adds just the right amount of excitement. Go on, 'ave a flutter! 4/5 HIT

Ross: Too slow for a true arcade and the graphics reminded me of those 'flick' books. If you don't go down the bookies, don't bother. 2/5 MISS