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Legend [1]
Strategy: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Dave Nicholls, Ross Holman, Roger Willis
Chris Bourne

Ross: When a program's been hyped as much as The Great Space Race, it'd have to be something really special to live up to the expectations.

Based loosely on the 'space trader' idea, the object of the exercise is to deliver consignments of a wicked alcoholic beverage called Natof to space stations spread around the galaxy. You start by choosing up to four racers to carry the Natof, and you decide which weapons you'll use to arm their ships. All potential candidates then present themselves and state their price; you see large pictures of them on-screen, and their faces smile, wink or grimace according to your choice.

The screen splits up into three parts during the race; the top part displays a menu of options and allows you to communicate with your racers, while the lower shows textual reports. The middle section is used for graphical output - for example, the racer you're talking to, or the space station that's approaching.

The problem with TGSR is that it doesn't involve the player. There may be some subtle character interaction going on, but it doesn't appear to make much difference to the player and it certainly doesn't justify the ludicrous price tag. 0/5 MISS

Dave: This is simply a souped-up Dictator-type game which gives you the impression that you're not really needed anyway... TGSR seems to play happily on its own. 0/5 MISS

Roger: Ugh! Well, compared to a party political broadcast it's great (in other words, it's dross!). 1/5 MISS