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Adventure: Text
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Peter Shaw
Chris Bourne

If bustin' made you feel good, how d'you fancy mincing up little green gremlins in the kitchen blender? Well, you can in Adventure International's adventure game of the film, Gremlins - it has graphics that move, so you can see one of the little monster's legs turning while his brains are blended. All in the worst possible taste!

The graphics are certainly the most stunning feature of the game. You can slice the head off another gremlin with a sword and see his head land up in the fireplace. Cook another one in the microwave. And they reckon the gremlins are the bloodthirsty ones!

The number of locations isn't that huge but you don't get that much time to explore them. Every move you make means the gremlins have more time to get together and gang up on you. So, you'll have to find ways of keeping them occupied (they love watching movies, for example) before they overrun the town. As you become engrossed in the adventure the tension certainly mounts - you know that every move you make could be your last.

Gremlins shares a number of annoying features with other Adventure International games - it won't accept short forms of words and you have to GO everywhere - GO WEST, GO DOOR, GO UP! Nevertheless, it's a slick bit of programming with an exciting story line.

This isn't an adventure for the addicts but if you're new to the games or you've seen the film this offers a good dollop of gruesome fun!

Not Rated