Automata UK Ltd
Adventure: Graphic
ZX Spectrum 48K

Chris Bourne

Producer: Automata, 84K £10.00 (1)
Author: Piman
The full title of this ditty is, 'My Name Is Uncle Groucho You Win A Fat Cigar.'' but that's much to long to ever repeat again! Like their famous Pimania, the object is to wade through a drug-induced landscape of weirdness and insanity, which is supposed to represent America, in the company of Groucho Marx and his companion the Piman, discover the secret identity of a famous Hollywood star which is hidden in the game, and then win the fabulous prize of a trip to Hollywood to meet the star in question, flying out on Concorde and coming back on the QE2. A rags to riches story for someone. Entries before 1 June. Naturally, you've got to be solid bonkers to get it right, and a pimaniac to boot. Good fun despite the slow response times. Excellent graphics and sound. Overall CRASH rating 67%. BASIC.