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Derek Lawrie
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Guido is a small black ravenous, carrot eating rabbit, who's sole aim in life is to eat - well carrots. Here's what you do. The screen lights up with a series of brick blocks arranged in a four high by six wide grid above a base platform. On several of the brick platforms there are carrots embedded in the platform. By jumping up on the carrot-bearing block and bouncing. Guido not only eats the carrot but also drills right through to fall down onto the block beneath.

Life would, of course, be the same if it were this simple, and it isn't. There are bouncing balls, irate farmers and android hares to watch out for. The bouncing balls on screen one sail up and down the vertical gaps between the blocks, whereas the farmers walk along the horizontal ones. What with watching out for these hazards and having to pick his way carefully around in order to get to the right blocks, life can get a bit fraught, especially as by screen three you have vertical balls and horizontal farmers all at the same time. Never mind, Bright eyes.


'I would hardly call this game easy, in fact I'd 8o to great lengths to say that it's very difficult, especially on the third screen with balls whining up and down and farmers moving left to right. The idea behind the game is very simple, just collect the carrots but it still manages to be very entertaining. Graphics are simple but quite pleasing and fast - enough! Colour and sound are used quite well, although the colour could have been a little more contrasty. Pretty good value for its price and should provide quite a few hours entertainment - and is very difficult.'

'Guido isn't going to win any prizes for content as it is a very simple idea. The real effort has gone into adjusting the timing of the various nasties so that the player is presented with a game that is extremely hard and frustrating in the addictive sense of the word. Simple, quite compelling to play and likely to appeal to nimble fingered kids, and serious arcaders alike (in spare moments between the grown up stuff of Combat Lynx).'

Control keys: Z/X left/right, J to jump, N to dig
Joystick: Kempston, but hardly needed
Keyboard: responsive
Use of colour: quite good
Graphics: reasonably sized, not over much animation although the bouncing balls work very well
Skill levels: 3
Lives: 3
General Rating: Average in game type but represents very good value and the game is quite addictive.