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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Dave Nicholls, Ross Holman, Roger Willis
Chris Bourne

Roger: Any lump of software that gets nominated as a legend in its own lunchtime, is in serious danger of a generally rocky ride. Well, Gyron cannot escape completely. The ten battalions of mathematical geniuses who took about seven trillion light years to carve the game out of living machine code have created some stunning visual effects but they haven't come up with the game content.

Gyron is best described as a 3D maze of considerable complexity. The quality of the graphics is certainly exceptional as you trundle through the corridors of alien power pursued by giant spheres. But this is no variety act. It could take another trillion years to suss out the maze exits and the scenery will still stay the same. A small hint that some smart marketing kiddie has sussed the problem comes with Gyron's attachment to a spiffing competition - the winner gets a Porsche 924 just like the ones we had on YS before we got our Rollers. Pass me the joystick and, er, wish me luck! 2.5/5 MISS

Ross: This is impressive - until you start playing. Then it's just a question of slowly trundling round a 3D maze trying to justify forking out a tenner on this tedium. 2/5 MISS

Dave: Firebird says that the changing elements of the maze repeat every 100,000 years - that means they'll be coming round again just about the time I next load the game up. 1/5 HIT