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Martin Sherlock
Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rachael Smith
Chris Bourne

Nowadays, if a game isn't Willy, it's Wally, though to be accurate this one is more Billy! Billy Bunter, that is, because it combines the Skool Daze setting with Wally Week-style gameplay.

Happiest Days Of Your Life though? Yarroo! Not for me. The mere thought of school brings me out in an allergy rash. My only memory of the place is unremitting agony. They pulled my hair. They called me names. They set fire to my duffle coat - while I was still wearing it. And that was just the teachers.

Glad to say this cheap and cheerful offering isn't that painful. Somebody's done their homework and studied previous arcade adventures, so it's quite a comprehensive effort... even if it is cribbed from other sources.

The headmaster's wallet has gone missing, and it's up to you to prove your innocence. That's just the sort of plot that made Greyfriars so colourful. It means roaming all over the crumbling college, picking up and using various objects.

The puzzles shouldn't be too complex, even for the Fattest Owl of the Remove. But it's all quite witty and there are lots of locations, so it'll keep you occupied for a term or two.

There are no fellow pupils to interrupt your efforts, but the school is haunted by an unusual set of objects, such as flying chest expanders in the gym. The art master won't be too pleased with the attribute clash and apart from the opening screen, it looks like this pupil has skipped music class! My report is 'could try harder!'

Still. I've seen far worse, so if you're mourning the disappearance of one Wally Week from the world of games, you could do worse than enrolling for a testing time here, even if it hasn't got true class.


Screenshot Text

Hic! Cor, this is the life. I say, chaps , look here, I'm in the Jolly old boozer... Ow! What's that, some little beggar just cracked me on the nut! A bottle? Golly, watch out for them, boys!