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Players Premier
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

No, this game is not a variation on the 'raining cats and dogs' theme, the Hawk Storm is in fact you! You're a brave warrior of the planet Edos and the only hope your people have of survival.

The planet Edos has only one source of life energy: giant capacitoid crystals that store energy by day and regenerate it during the icy cold nights. The evil Neviks have stolen all but two of these crystals making it impossible to sustain normal life on the planet. All the people but you have gone into a Life Suspension Program - you must succeed in your mission to retrieve the crystals or your whole world will be destroyed!

Hawk Storm looks good with its highly coloured graphics and animated backdrops but don't be fooled by appearances. The game plays like a wet sock. Your character attempts to move across the screen but is stopped by invisible blocks. This makes the game exceedingly annoying. When you realise you can't move normally in the game you adjust the way you play and start to actually get somewhere. Running about carelessly is impossible: you have to save every drop of energy you've got and plan each move before you try to move on. Hawk Storm is really about trial and error. You do something, find out it kills you, and try a different move next time round.

Hawk Storm needs perseverance it you're to get anywhere. You may find the movement annoying but don't give up, there is a game in here somewhere.