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Simon J.C. Davies
Sport: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rick Robson
Chris Bourne

Channel 4 has a lot to answer for and I don't mean its attitude to sex and violence. I'm referring, of course, to American football. Then again, maybe I do mean sex and violence! if you're into padded shoulders, American accents, macho men and bodies piling into each other with a steamy entwining of limbs, you're either a Dynasty or a Gridiron freak. If it's the latter, this could be just the s(t)imulation you're looking for. At least it means that you can make touch downs without the Refridgerator crushing you to the dimensions of a cardboard cut-out.

'Head Case' might seem a more appropriate name for people who wear crash helmets and like smacking into each other. But Head Coach is a game for the brain. It bears a strong resemblance to its soccer equivalent Football Manager, and the aim is to compile your best squad to go out and win the championship.

You have one team to pick from one of the six divisions in the AFC or NFC east, west or central sections. There are four skill levels - novice, rookie, veteran and All-Pro. You'll soon know if you've come in at the wrong level - you'll be boshed out of sight!

Your season's success is largely based on tactics and the experience you build up. You must assess the strengths and weaknesses of your squad by looking at their ages and positions. But it might take you some time to unravel the jargon. If you don't you won't be able to capitalise on the pre-season transfers the other teams offer you.

As American football continues to strengthen its grip, there'll no doubt be more impressive and probably flashier Speccy simulations. But in the meantime, Head Coach does the job. Only it rather lacks the glamour and glitz (and I don't just mean the Cowboys' Cheerleaders) that add to the fascination of the real thing.