Gargoyle Games
Adventure: Graphic
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

Chris Bourne

Gargoyle came up trumps in Issue 29 with this graphic adventure about a novice wizard's fight for survival in a dingy dungeon.

Axil The Able was fairly useless as a wizard, but his forte was Wizard-Baiting, ie telling very rude stories about his magical colleagues! Unfortunately, one of them overheard him and threw him in a castle dungeon. Axil's task is simple: escape before the various ghouls who inhabit the dungeons have him for brekky. Axil does have a book of spells, enabling him to do all sorts of magical things, but alas there are only a few pages in the book to start with; others have to be picked up during his wanderings.

I'm personally not that keen on adventure games, but Heavy On the Magick is rather playable. Command of the language used in the game takes a while to master, but Axil is soon on the right track to regaining his freedom. The denizens of the dungeon attack without mercy, and for the first few games I doubt that you will get very far. But if you enjoy a good adventure, try Heavy On The Magick.

Then: 9/10 Now: 85%