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Melbourne House
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Dave Nicholls, Ross Holman, Roger Willis
Chris Bourne

Roger: "Re-enacting the trials of Ulysses" through the good offices of arcadia should be cerebral and poetic, 'cos when Ancient Greeks did their derring-do, even a punch-up outside the boozer was worth about 48K of epic verse. But somewhere in this knockabout translation of stupendous and stirring stanzas into mundane machine code, excitement is lost and cultural dilution occurs on the same scale as the day you discover that doner kebabs contain nothing more than reconstituted donkey lung!

On-screen odysseys involve hopping up hummocks and dodging dangerous debris, to enter a sacred temple lurking inside the mountain. Erratic keyboard control suggests that our hero has already been at the Retsina. Once indoors, sneaking past terminal minotaurs by nipping from pillar to pillar is the business, followed by a maze in which monsters can be bonked on the bonce.

It took the 'real' Ulysses a fair few years of frenzied and fantastic fisticuffs to fight his way home to mum. Try to be a bit quicker, or you'll end up pulling the plug with boredom, as I did. There again, I'm only a legend in my own lunchtime... 1/5 MISS

Ross: it says on the cassette insert that it takes a week on average to complete. Well, it didn't quite take that long, but it's pretty good! 3/5 HIT

Dave: There's some very nice, thoughtful screens in this game but, overall, I'm not sure there's enough here for a hit. 2/5 MISS