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Melbourne House
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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John Gilbert
Chris Bourne

IT IS surprising that nobody thought of producing a game based upon the trials of Ulysses a long time ago.

Hellfire takes you from the hills at the entrance of a sacred temple, past the minotaurs which guard its inner sanctum and through a complex adventure maze where you are continually hounded and your only weapon is a mace.

The game involves three distinct tasks each of which leads into the next. On the first level you must jump onto hills, avoiding boulders and the stony stare of Medusa. Once inside the temple you must use the trampoline to move nearer the top of the screen and dodge in between the pillars to avoid the minotaurs. Each pillar will transport you to a different level of the screen until you get the sequence correct and enter the door at the top of the temple into the labyrinth where the fireball thrower and the reptilian assassin await your arrival with glee.

The small degree of skill needed to complete the first level is sure to turn players off fairly quickly. If the early levels had been more difficult to complete its graphics and plot would have made it a candidate for a number one spot in the charts.

John Gilbert

Price: £6.95
Joystick: Kempston, Sinclair