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Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Henry is a gnome who enjoys a reasonable life, but Henry is not a content gnome and feels he must achieve something. Motivated by greed, he's decided to go off to the Magic Castle to steal the Golden Hoard, a pile of treasure that is, logically enough, golden.

When Henry sets himself a task, it's usually an ambitious one, and this is no exception since the Magic Castle is guarded by lots of nasties with magical powers. Each section of the castle is represented within a screen and are fifty screens for Henry to make his way through.

To complete his quest, the gnome from home needs to visit every room and collect over two hundred magical items on his tourney. The nasties that hinder Henry include dastardly dwarves and not very nice elves; other baddies too foul to name also trot in and out the various caverns and sproing up and down from the ceiling.

The format of the game closely resembles the one originally used in Jet Set Willy: Henry can walk left and right and can jump. The main difference is Henry's gait his way of getting about is rather strange. Instead of the usual platform game type regular stroll, Henry staggers along as if he's been hitting too much of the Gnome Juice. The screens are all platform orientated with a number of baddies patrolling mindlessly along their predefined routes. They pay no attention to your presence on a screen, but they object to Henry very strongly if you are clumsy enough to guide the poor gnome into one of them, and bump him off. You are allowed five lives the Henries remaining jump up and down in a window at the bottom of the screen.

As an added bonus, entering some of the trickier screens returns a fresh complement of six bouncing Henries to the status bar along the lower bit of the screen. So keep the Henries bouncing and the pieces of Hoard flowing in and soon Henry will be a happy gnome.


'Not another Wet Set Jelly clone! BUT, it's not all bad. A nice platform game does you good, especially when it only costs £1.99. Henry's Hoard is good fun to play, and colour and graphics have been used quite well in the design of the game screens. There's quite a pleasant continuous tune (thoughtfully provided with an on/off switch in case it gets on your nerves) and when you've finished, it plays a neat rendition of 'When the Saints Go Marching In.' Okay, all you anti-platform game people, you might not like it, but I do, because it's cheap, challenging (a bit!), fun, and generally quite good all round. So there.'

'Why is it that budget software houses equate reasonable product with Jet Set Willy clones? The last month or so has seen a deluge of cheap games trying to re-evoke the success of their famous forbear. I wouldn't mind so much if they tended to be better, but they 're not: they're all inferior. Henry's Hoard is such a game, and is so typical of what some software manufacturers still think 'the kids ' want. It's graphically pleasant enough, and not a really bad game. I'm sick of being fed the same type of game, time after time. I wouldn't buy Henry's Hoard but others may well like it. It's competent enough at what it does, I'm fed up with this sort of game'

'Why this new company should choose to call themselves 'Alternative Software' beats me, unless they intend to offer alternative versions of classic games years after they've come and gone. Henry's Hoard is an alternative to Jet Set Willy, or maybe Manic Miner and will no doubt satisfy JSW fans who are desperate for a fix of their favourite platform action. For a couple of pounds this name is a reasonable deal - and it's clear that a fair amount of effort has gone into creating it. I ' m just sorry the programmers didn't find something a bit more original to write, but there you go.'

Control keys: alternate on second row left/right, bottom row to ump, G toggles tune on and off
Joystick: N/A
Keyboard play: every bit as good as JSW
Use of colour: nothing outstanding
Graphics: tidy, but tiny
Sound: neat tune, usual effects
Skill levels: one
Screens: 50
General Rating: Good value for money if you like this type of game.


Screenshot Text

Setting out from home, Henry's got a whole lot of treasure to collect in HENRY's HOARD from Alternative Software.

Just one gathering of specific nasties that you'll encounter if you try to pilot Henry towards that ever-elusive hoard.