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ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Clive Gifford
Chris Bourne

In great contrast Imperial Software's Curse Of The Seven Faces (the other adventure reviewed here), this game is a highly professional affair, even though it's a straight conversion from an original adventure on the Commodore 64. The scenario isn't particularly original or even interesting, but the story on the back cover of the cassette is told with such flair that all but the most hardened adventurers will sit up and take notice! I won't go into all the sordid details, save to say that it involves you saving a kingdom from the shadow of evil. The usual stuff!

On starting the adventure, you're greeted with a splendid picture; in fact many of the locations have accompanying graphics that appear instantly and add greatly to the whole atmosphere. However, the descriptions are often too short, particularly where there's no picture to feast your eyes on.

Despite fancy graphics and a few other innovations, an adventure stands or falls by the strength of its puzzles, and the flexibility and quality of response to your, hopefully, imaginative commands. Heroes Of Karn is a definite success in this context. The responses are varied and entertaining, and the puzzles are tricky and, in some cases, rather obscure! For example, I eventually managed to get past the Barrowright by attacking it with a Bible - which didn't seem the most reverant thing to do at the time!

Although Heroes Of Karn supports a few commands five or six words long, it's predominantly a standard adventure. However, I'd recommend it to anyone fancying a crack at a 'classic', especially if you've got a few long evenings to spare while you try and solve it!

Not Rated

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Interceptor's Heroes Of Karn - a puzzling adventure that's destined to become a classic?