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Adventure: Graphic
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes

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Chris Bourne

This is the age of the terrorist. Hijacking has become ubiquitous and no-one is safe now an unknown group has hijacked a vehicle and they're making demands. As Head of the Hijack Division, it's your job to track them down and negotiate, using whatever financial, political or military power you can muster. And all this within a time limit!

The game set within the Pentagon and there are a number of characters who can either help or hinder, depending on how you handle them. Most important of all is the President he's the only one who can give you the boot. On the other hand, he might negotiate with the hijackers on your behalf (thereby extending the deadline) or even allow you to use his helicopter.

More information can be obtained from the FBI Agent, who can be made to question employees, at the risk of losing their loyalty. Intelligence work is carried out by the CIA Agent who provides reports of varying detail on the hijackers. Military and Political Advisers may be sent to the scene of the hijack to help the Political and Military Assistants, who are the real workers. They have the power to call upon diplomats to negotiate, or summon up troops to frighten the bad guys into surrender. Extra cash which might be necessary can be raised through the Finance Officer. Last but not least is the President's Secretary she is really only accountable to the President, but you can order her to find an employee for you.

It is important that public support is maintained, and the services of the Publicity Officer are vital: good Press keeps the President happy. Remember, at any time he can send you a friendly little missive which goes something like 'You're getting on my nerves you're fired!'

You travel up and down the Department building in the lift which links offices, and access options via a menu and icon system. Information, such as news headlines and top secret documents, can also be called up.

The faces of all the characters in the game are displayed along the top of the screen, and light up whenever you are in the same room as one or more of the characters. A clock slowly counts down to that dreaded deadline. Just below, is the lift sign with arrows pointing in both directions which light up to indicates that a lift is available. At the bottom left of screen, various items are displayed which you can pick up, examine or use on your way through an office, and the inventory is displayed to the right. A graphical readout displays your military, political and financial strength, which gradually diminishes as time goes on, unless support is won.

Once you feel confident enough to confront the hijackers, the President has to be found and a code wad requested that gives access to the helicopter certain items in the inventory may prove crucial in your negotiations.

Success depends on how quickly you can co-ordinate people and assimilate information. One thing, however, is certain. If you fail, expect the worst: an indefinite holiday in some remote Himalayan embassy perhaps? Happy mantras!


'From my first look at Hijack I was hooked. The game is superb, the graphics are excellent and the controls are extremely well laid out and very easy to use. One thing I can say about Hijack, as opposed to many other 'good' games about, is that I got totally enthralled with the whole idea of the game. The way that you go about the offices and order everybody to do what they are told is superb, although I found you have to be nice to people if you don't want them to betray you. The icon-type control is very easy to use and very well presented. All of the rooms are well detailed - even down to the last little waste paper bin in the corner... Of course you have to check these for discarded paper and codes. Hijack is addictive from the first. I loved it don't miss this very original game'

'Hijack is a very entertaining game. Although it took me a long time to get into the swing of things (possibly due to the fact that the instructions, although well written don't explain everything that they should) the game is still good fun. The graphics for the most part aren't particularly amazing, but they serve their purpose and could be a lot worse. The lift system is a bit of a pain and doesn't always go where you want it to, but perseverance usually succeeds. Even with its few downfalls, I can see myself wanting to play Hijack for a long time to come. Hijack is not as good as Spindizzy, but is an admirable attempt at a different sort of game'

'This game is very boring to begin with, but once you start having some success with the various features it gets quite addictive. Initially, you can spend a great deal of time just going up and down the lifts not getting anywhere. Then everything seems to click and you find yourself totally intrigued. The graphics are good and the colour clash is minimal. The messages you receive from the various characters can be quite humorous, especially when you ask the President if you can use the helicopter. On the whole, I liked this game a great deal because it's one you can go back to again and again.'

Control keys: definable
Joystick: Kempston, Cursor, Interface II, Fuller
Keyboard play: very good
Use of colour: lots of variety
Graphics: nice detailed graphics
Sound: realistic spot effects
Skill levels: one
Screens: large office complex
General Rating: A very original and compulsive game.


Screenshot Text

You get to have a quick peek inside an FBI security file. What an experienced and loyal person this R Harris is. Worth getting to know...

The Reception looks pretty crowded. Is that a picture of JR on the wall? Surely he's not been Hijacking people?