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Chris Bourne


THE NEWEST keyboard on the market for the Spectrum is the Lo Profile from Advanced Memory Systems. It is visually a very attractive design and it will give your Spectrum a professional appearance.

Measuring 440 x 220 x 50mm. overall and 190mm. from the Q key to P, it has a sculptured keyset printed in three colours. The 155mm. long space bar has a good levelling mechanism and there is a separate numeric keypad with an extra Caps Shift and full stop. The full stop and the extra Caps Lock on the main board still require a shift key to be pressed first. All the keys have a very good feel to them and the ENTER key is twice the size of the others.

The Spectrum PCB has to be removed from its case to be fitted and there are four bolts sticking up in the base for it. In the review model they did not line up correctly and had to be moved by enlarging the mounting holes slightly. The PCB is mounted on those bolts, using plastic washers to protect it. While the base seems very flimsy, when everything is bolted together it is held securely.

PCBs are removed and used in the same manner as the normal two long screws - the interface is plugged in underneath the keyboard and bolted through. That raises it to a far more comfortable working angle.

As with all full-size working keyboards, fitting add-ons such as the Kempston printer interface is difficult due to its increased height at the back. The CPS connector would be a useful addition.

At £49.95 plus £2.50 p&p, the keyboard should sell well as it looks good and feels good. The addition of a few single-key entry functions would undoubtedly make it the best available. Advanced Memory Systems is at Green Lane, Appleton, Warrington WA4 5NG. Tel: 0925-62682.

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