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Melbourne House
Alan Giles
Book: Paperback
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Chris Bourne


IF YOU HAVE ever had the urge to buy a modem and plug into Micronet, or want to know about getting around the network, then Micronet Book, by Alan Giles, is for you.

A complete rundown of the modem hardware and what you need to run it is given first, followed by an introduction to the Prestel databases and how to go through them to the Micronet information and telesoftware systems.

One of the most useful aspects of the book is how to convert functions of the VTX 5000 modem, which you need to make your Spectrum compatible with Prestel codes, in order that they work with Interface One and microdrives. That means screen pages of information can be downloaded from the system onto microdrive. Those screens can then be called up quickly without having to wade through reams of paper or find a particular screen on cassette tape.

Micronet Book, from Melbourne House, is a novel idea which has been well executed. A lot of information has been packed into such a small volume and no Micronet user should be without it.

Micronet Book
Price: £6.95.
Publisher: Melbourne House

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