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John Gilbert
Chris Bourne


HACKING is a popular topic and it is not unusual to find several books which cover the same subject. What is unusual about this book is that it is called The Hacker's Handbook.

This book is published by Longman, not Century Communications. It is not illegal for two books to have the same title but it can be confusing.

Luckily, the books differ in approach. This book, by Geoff Wheelwright and Ian Scales, deals with only the Spectrum and much of it is concerned with the Micronet information database to which Spectrum owners can connect using a VTX 5000 modem.

It gives an overview of the system and provides information on Prestel, and Homelink - the home banking database.

For those who are seriously into hacking the authors provide information on the hardware and software which you will need to get into such databases.

Section one shows how modems work and examines terms such as baud rates, parity and duplex.

Section two takes a look at electronic mail and bulletin boards, which can be accessed over a telephone line with a modem and provides a list of British bulletin boards with telephone numbers.

A glossary of terms completes what is a very interesting and practical book. They could have changed the title, though.

John Gilbert

Publisher Longman
Price: £5.95

Not Rated