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John Lambert
Chris Bourne


Since I last looked at the Multiface One from Romantic Robot they have up-rated it - at no extra cost - and it is now probably the best back-up device around.

The reason is that now it can do far more than just back-up programs, something it is remarkably good at anyway.

Externally it looks much like the old Multiface - with a Kempston compatible joystick interface on the left-hand side, a button on the top which when pressed backs up the entire contents of memory to a variety of storage medium, and a through port for other add-ons.

The video socket has been replaced by a switch which can be used to make the Multiface transparent to programs.

Pressing the button brings up a menu at the bottom of the screen with five main options. Return takes you back to the program as though nothing had happened - an exit option tries to put you back in Basic if possible. Save does the obvious and saves the memory to microdrive, waferdrive, or either Beta or Kempston disc system - state which when ordering. Optionally you can just save the screen.

Copy copies the screen to a ZX Printer, or a full size one if you have a Kempston 'E' or Lprint III attached, and Tool enters the tool-kit part of the program. This allows you to alter any part of the Spectrum's memory, either an address at a time, via a window which displays 128 bytes or access the Z80's registers - all with the display in hex or decimal.

The last option, Jump, is potentially the most useful. The Multiface contains 8K of Ram which normally is used to hold various bits of the backed-up program. You can put your own program in this Ram and then use this option to jump into it. It might be a dissassembler, Basic tool-kit or whatever you want.

Multiface is a bargain at £39.95.

Romantic Robot, 77 Dyne Road, London NW6 7DR. Tel: 01-625 9463.

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