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Hardware: Sound/Speech
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Jon Bates
Chris Bourne

This was previously marketed by its original developers at £49.95 and at 5p off £40, it now represents a better bargain. Basically it is a twin-cone speaker well
matched to a reasonable monophonic amplifier with tone and volume controls. Sound quality is very acceptable and it is a handy little add-on to have about. It takes a
mini-jack input so you can use the data recorder lead to connect the mic socket on the Spectrum to the Echosound.

The unit itself is mains powered, and I was pleased to note that it is also internally fused for extra safety should you fail to wire it up property or drop it in the
fish tank. The unit is quite compact, about 24cm x 18cm x 12cm and finished in best MFI placky wood. Unless you have a hi-fi equipped with suitable plugs handy to your
micro it makes for a convenience item that is neither cheap nor expensive but of good quality. And you could use it to amplify anything else you have about.

HCCs plan to market the speaker/amplifier unit along with the synthesizer as one package for £84.90, including a free keyboard tutor for good measure.