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Hardware: Music
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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

This is a sound sampling system that allows any sound to be recorded and stored in the computer RAM These sounds can then be replayed either in a keyboard or drum machine situation. The package comprises a plug-in unit that connects to the back of your Speccy, a software tape and a microphone for use in sampling. The unit has a level control, headphone, microphone, audio out, MIDI In, MIDI thru and MIDI out sockets.

The quality of the samples The Music Machine can produce is quite good when you think of the limitations of the Spectrum - sample time is very limited though. Writing music has been simplified by using the on-screen facilities. You write as you would a normal song by using notes and bars, and once written, songs can be stored on tape for future use. Making new songs can be done by selecting bars from songs and merging them together into a new composition.

For those with a MIDI instrument, you can connect it to The Music Machine and use it to trigger sampled sounds or play a mixture of the MIDI instrument sounds and The Music Machine effects. The, songs and sounds you can create using this system are hardly Top Of The Pops quality but The Music Machine does provide a good starting point tor the beginner.


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Spectrum sampling made easy with The Music Machine

Jeepers, Creepers! It's the Music Machine!