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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

For all you budding Leonardos or Oil Freys comes the best graphics package imaginable for the Spectrum. The OCP Art Studio has been around for ages but the whole system is enhanced by the Genius Mouse.

Mice are used on 16-bit computers as standard equipment but with 8-bit machines there's been no such luxury - until now. In the Genius Mouse pack you get everything you could possibly want when using a mouse (no I don't mean a cage and a little wheel for it to run around!): you get the mouse in a neat storage box, a mouse holder to keep it in, a rubber mouse mat, and the Art Studio software.

I had only ever used Art Studio on the keyboard, so using the mouse gave the program a whole new dimension. You can now accurately draw freehand instead of struggling with fingers everywhere. The mouse has two buttons on the top. On an Amiga or Atari ST they do different things, but the Genius Mouse buttons both have the same effect, similar to pressing fire on the joystick. And If you have a joystick then the interface that connects the mouse to the computer has an extra bonus for you, a Kempston compatible joystick port.

Any serious graphics artist on the Spectrum should not be without a Genius Mouse, it's an essential piece of kit!


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The mouse with all its accessories, but where's the cheese?