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Hardware: Printing
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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

The Ramprint is basically the same item as th Parallel/Centronics Printer Interface but with one important difference. It has a built in word processor that can be instantly accessed from BASIC.

The Ramwrite software is not the best word processor I've ever used but it does the job and doesn't cost you anything extra once you've bought the interface. It works without using up any of the computers memory, leaving it all free for the storage of files. If the thought of having to read through an enclyclopedia of instructions before you can start using your new toy is a little daunting for you, then fret no more. Ramwrite is controlled using simple, uncomplex commands. The only thing you really need to worry about is how to write!

Ramprint also includes a Kempston compatible joystick port so you can blast your favourite games in style. A perfect solution to your word processing blues.