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Hardware: Joystick
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Chris Bourne


We have not one, not two but three spanking new joysticks from Power Play this month. The sticks are all from the new Cruiser range. They are all in the Competition Pro mould with their stylish fire buttons and general all round feel. Each stick has slightly different features, though they are largely identical.

The transparency of the, er, transparent cruiser is a tiny bit naff - this sort of thing works as a 'design concept' on watches, but the inner works of a joystick don't make especially interesting viewing.

This model has an auto-fire option, obtainable by keeping your thumb on the fire key. This is supposed to bring out the rip roaring, blasting, terminating, killing effect of your stick. When I played Cybernoid though, it seemed not to give the effect at all. I am told by numerous people that this is a common problem with auto-fire sticks. The main problem, I'm led to believe, is that programmers include blocking codes to defeat auto-fire.

The difference between the other two sticks (the blue and black ones) is that the black has a flat top and the blue has a round one.

All the joysticks have this rather new and spiffy gimmick. This gimmick is in the shape of what they call a 3-way variable tension control ring. This gives you a choice between: 1) For extra sensitivity (Pah! - JD), 2) For normal uses, and 3) For firm control. This choice is made by turning the cap at the end of the stick around to the desired position. I found that the extra sensitivity option was best used for shoot-'em-ups, like Cybernoid for instance. The normal mode I thought worked best for the Combat School type of game. The firm control works at its best when it's used in your famous Outrun car chase jobbie.

Model: Cruiser
Price: £9.99 for the blue and black joysticks. And £12.99 for the transparent versions.
Supplier: Power Play, Rolhersthorpe Ave Trading Est, Northands NN4 9JH

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Two micro-switched fire buttons, 8 way micro-switches. 8mm steel shaft. Four suction pads. New variable tension control ring.