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Judy Tatchell
Book: Paperback
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John Gilbert
Chris Bourne

THE emphasis in the Sinclair book market is now on teaching young people about the uses of modern technology, and computers in particular. Usbourne Publishing Ltd has just produced a series of four books on microcomputers.

Two of them consist of listings of programs for various micro-computers, including the Spectrum and ZX-81. There is usually only one listing of each program but symbols at the side refer the reader to conversion notes for their computers.

The two, Computer Space Games and Computer Battle Games, are full of colourful drawings which will appeal to young children. The books cost £1.99 each and are a good idea, for they will coax children into work with computers, something with which some adults still seem to have difficulty. The function of the books is to catch the interest of the young so that they have no difficulties copies with technology in later life.

The other two books in the Usbourne range are introduction to Computer Programming and Understanding the Micro. Both explain their subjects, using diagrams and colour drawings as an aid to understanding. Each costs £1.65. The range will be available from most bookshops, including W H Smith.

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