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Chris Bourne


COMPUSOUND has announced a new version of its Tele-Sound sound board. As with previous models it is a small printed circuit board which fits inside the Spectrum case and outputs sound through the TV. Now, however, the unit will also work on the new issue 3 Spectrums.

Fitting the unit is fairly straightforward, provided that you have the courage to open your Spectrum, and should present no difficulties. Three wires have to be connected to the Spectrum PCB and detailed instructions are given with the unit.

It is an intricate procedure, the connection to the speaker being particularly so. Once fitted, the unit can be stuck down and the case screwed back together. In some cases the unit may have to be tuned to get the best sound and vision on your TV and, depending on the make of your set, may degrade the picture slightly. If the picture is not particularly good to start, the degradation will probably not be noticed.

If you are looking for an inexpensive sound amplifier and are prepared to open your Spectrum, this unit, priced at £9.95 inc., is worth considering.

Compusound is at 32-33 Langley Close, Redditch, Worcs B98 0ET.

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