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Traffic Technology
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Chris Bourne


TRAFFIC TECHNOlOGY has updated its desk Console range to include the Spectrum. To keep a desk tidy it is ideal as it will take a tape recorder, two cassettes, printer, power pack, Spectrum and Microdrive RS232 for which we are all waiting.

The console also has a switch panel on the front to allow you to change the cassette leads from LOAD to SAVE, plus an on/off switch for the 9V power supply to act as a re-set switch. The case is made from tough ABS plastic nd is 555mm. wide by 370mm. deep and 50mm. high. The bottom of the case is held together by four screws for easy maintenance.

Optional extras are stacking pillars for more than one unit, and dust covers. The cost of the Console is £42.18 including post and VAT in the U.K. People outside the U.K. should allow for a package of 1.5kg. Traffic Technology Ltd, PO Box 2, Warminster, Wiltshire BA12 7QX. Tel: 037388-316.

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