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Hardware: RAM/ROM
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Stephen Adams
Chris Bourne


CHEETAH MARKETING has produced a 32K RAM pack for the Spectrum. It alLows the 16K user to add 32K of memory without having to go inside the computer. The front of the RAM pack is designed to fit tightly on to the back of the Spectrum and an expansion connector is provided at the back for Microdrives and printers. You must plug in the RAM pack only when the power is off.

When you turn on the power again you have a full 48K just as if it was inside. The RAM pack does not wobble and apart from the fact that it protrudes over the back of the Spectrum, you would not know it was there. Cheetah gives only a three-month guaratnee and you must pay a handling charge of £1.50 if you return the unit for repair.

Cheetah Marketing is at 359 The Strand, London WC2 0HS. Tel: 01-240-7939. The cost of the RAM pack is £39.95.

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