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Jiles Electronics
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Chris Bourne


JILES ELECTRONICS has produced a tape copier which allows you to make back-up copies of software. It does not require a computer to use it but allows the computer to check what is happening by LOADing the program at the time it is being recorded.

The device consists of a black plastic box with three sockets containing an amplifier and a battery.

The input socket is connected to the ear socket of the tape recorder and the output socket to the MIC of the second tape recorder. The LOAD socket is connected to the computer if required.

The volume is set at half on the tape recorder with the program in it and normal on the recorder. The recording process is then started with the computer monitoring the signal.

The tapes tested on the Spectrum and ZX-81 versions worked very well. Advice is given on how to align your tape recorder head and there are helpful hints if it does not work. The device is called the CO-DER and costs £99.95 from Jiles Electronics, 48 Parkway, Chellaston, Derby DE7 1QA. Tel: 0332 703892.

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