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Fox Electronics
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Hardware: Joystick
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John Lambert
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INTRODUCTION of a joystick interface to the Spectrum market passes almost unnoticed these days. To have any hope of selling, the interface must not only be state-of-the-art but also have that something extra. The new programmable joystick interface from Fox Electronics is such a device.

It plugs into the rear connector of the Spectrum and has a through connector for other add-ons. On the right-hand side of the case is a standard Atari-type 9-pin socket for the joystick and one switch.

To use the interface all you have to do is put up the switch, which then displays a menu on the screen. You then have the option of creating a new key set from any of the 40 keys, including the shift keys and ENTER, or selecting, with a single keystroke, one of the 16 sets already created.

Pressing the E key exits to Basic ready to load the game and programs the joystick. If necessary, the key sets can be saved on tape. Leaving the switch down makes the Spectrum ignore the interface.

On putting up the switch the interface pages-out the Spectrum ROM and jumps to the program held in its RAM. The program then transfers itself into the Spectrum RAM, pages the ROM back in, and puts the menu on the screen. On pressing the E key the program transfers itself back into its own RAM, sets up the joystick and clears the Spectrum memory. Any new key sets created are therefore saved in the process.

All that is very clever and provides the easiest interface on the market to use.

At £28.50 the interface is very good value from Fox Electronics Ltd., 141, Abbey Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 9ED.

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