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DK'Tronics Ltd
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John Lambert
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DK'TRONICS has released yet another version of its popular keyboard for the Spectrum. Readers may remember that when we last reviewed its keyboard we bemoaned the lack of a full-size space bar and that is the main addition to it.

The other additions are that on the numeric pad the two shift keys have been replaced by single-key entry Delete and full stop. Note that in its current advertisement it still has the old legends on the keys.

A problem we encountered when fitting Interface 1 was that the back of the case bulged slightly and that is still so. While it is possible to trim the case it should not be necessary. One other niggle is that it is usual to have a space bar leveller, a small piece of wire which ensures the space bar remains horizontal when pressed, and that has been omitted.

Overall the keyboard is an improvement on the old version and is still one of the better ones available but dK'Tronics has been making keyboards for long enough to ensure that everything will fit properly. Also it has retained the stick-on legends which, while the keyboard was used for both the ZX-81 and Spectrum was understandable, is an unnecessary chore on a dedicated keyboard.

The keyboard is still sold at the old price of £45 from dK'Tronics, Unit 6, Shire Hill Industrial Estate, Saffron Walden, Essex CB11 3AQ. Tel: 0799-26350 or computer retailers.

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