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DK'Tronics Ltd
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Hardware: Keyboard
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Chris Bourne


THE DK'tronics keyboard has undergone many design changes since it was first introduced for the ZX-81, but it has always retained stuck-on legends. DK'tronics has now relented, and printed keycaps are available as an optional extra for the Spectrum keyboard.

The caps are printed in one colour, black, although the caps themselves are grey for the main keyboard, and red for the numeric pad.

Fitting the caps is simply a case of pulling the old ones off and pressing the new ones on. Instructions are not included, which would have been useful as you could damage something by being heavy handed.

For only £6.00 inclusive the caps are good value if you own a DK'tronics keyboard. If not, they could tip the scales in its favour if you are about to buy.

Three-colour printed caps might have been preferable, even at a few pounds more, but it is a step in the right direction.

DK'tronics Ltd, Unit 6, Shirehill Industrial Estate, Saffron Walden, Essex CB11 3AQ. Tel: 0799- 26350.

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