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Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams
Hardware: Add-on
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Chris Bourne


ONE OF the main criticisms of the ZX-81 and Spectrum has been the number of key presses required to access certain commands. Stephen Adams has produced a kit which allows you to add extra keys to your add-on keyboard.

Commands or characters which previously required one of the shift keys to be pressed can now be accessed by a single keystroke. The kit contains all the electrical components needed, with instructions, but as each keyboard uses different keys you must supply your own.

The kit is aimed at users with at least a passing knowledge of soldering and those able to follow a simple circuit diagram but considering that the kit costs only £1.25 including postage and packing, it is worth buying to save tired fingers. It can be obtained from Stephen Adams, 1 Leswin Road, London N16 7NL. Tel: 01-254-1869.

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