PR Electronics
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Chris Bourne


PR ELECTRONICS has produced a small aluminium box which regulates the power supply to a ZX-81 or Spectrum, thus reducing the amount of heat generated inside the computer.

It will help with problems in using the Spectrum with a TV display, as it eliminates most of the dot crawl. It also helps if you use the computer for a long time, as it prevents crashes due to overheating.

The power pack plugs into the socket on the box and a lead from the box plugs into the computer. All the heat is dissipated through the aluminium box and so a warning label is included, it did not become too hot to touch while being used. It seems do its job very well, whatever equipment is connected to it.

PR Electronics is at 14 Bretby Close, Bessacar, Doncaster, Yorkshire, and the price of the unit is £8.95.

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