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Microtext UK Ltd
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Hardware: Keyboard
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Chris Bourne


MICROTEXT U.K. has launched a motherboard, power supply and keyboard unit for serious users of ZX-81s and Spectrums. The keyboard has the normal 40 keys, plus an extra shift key, DELETE key, an extended mode key, a SHIFT LOCK key and joystick-type control pad.

All the keys are approximately 0.5in. square and have very little space between them, which makes it easy to hit two keys at a time.

The keyboard has a case which is an optional extra. The ZX-81 or Spectrum PCB will fit inside it comfortably but you will not be able to use it with the Interface One.

The motherboard connects to the computer via an edge connector connected to a bundle of wires. The motherboard PCB card provides one unbuffered edge for any Sinclair or other equipment, but all the cards are operated through the buffers. A power supply can also be purchased which fits on the back and will supply the computer, as well as supplying +12 and +5 volts at 5 amps each for the extra cards.

The units are expensive and require the user to have considerable technical knowledge. The brief explanations provide a sound base for school and industrial development projects. The keyboard costs £41.95, the case £11.50, the card frame £36.95 and power supply £36.95.

Microtext calls the system Mukbus and it is based on Eurocard-standard 64-way DIN connectors.

Microtext is at Highland House, 18-24 John Street, Luton, Bedfordshire LU1 2JE. Tel: 0582-418819.

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