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Hardware: Cassette
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Chris Bourne


THE ELINCA ZX Tapeloader is a box which contains all the elements to clean doubtful tapes and to ensure perfect SAVEIng and LOADing of programs. The black box contains a small meter with which to set the level of the input from the tape recorder, a three-position switch for selecting SAVE and LOAD, and two tape filters. It also has a red LED to indicate what mode it is in.

The LOAD amplifier keeps the signal constant and filters-out noise caused by the pening the signal. The SAVE filter is a passive - non-powered - one which eliminates noise.

The unit has two jack sockets in one side and two leads from the other to plug into the EAR and MIC sockets of the computer. It is not necessary to keep unplugging the leads with the unit on SAVEing and LOADing. The unit is powered by a PP3 battery which has to he fitted inside the unit by the user - it is not supplied. It works very well and having a meter on it makes it easy to set up.

The unit is guaranteed for one year and may be returned within seven days for a refund if you are not satisfied.

Elinca Products Ltd, Lyon Works, Chapel Street, Sheffield, priced at £14.99.

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