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Hardware: Sound/Speech
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Chris Bourne


THE FULLER BOX is an extension which looks natural to the back of a Spectrum. It contains a sound board, amplifier, joystick port and separate cassette EAR and MIC sockets.

The sound board contains the AY-3-8912 sound chip used in many computers and has three programmable pitch tone supplies, plus a noise generator. It also has envelope control to give rising or falling pitched sounds.

The sound board works on port numbers 63 and 95, while the joystick works on port 127. The joystick socket is the standard Atari one and besides the demonstration cassette some commercial software will also work with it, as it is similar to the Kempston joystick.

It costs £30.75 for the basic unit - called the Fuller Box - and the master unit costs £55.75, which includes the speech chip. You can if you wish upgrade to the speech chip at a later date. Fuller Micro Systems, The ZX Centre, Sweeting Street, Liverpool 2. Tel: 051-236 6109. Other shops sell the units.

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