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Chris Bourne


THE SWEET TALKER speech synthesiser from Cheetah has been upgraded so that it will now work with Interface 1 and Microdrives.

It uses the popular SP0256 speech chip which contains 64 allophones. An allophone is a sound from which all words are made. They are used by outputting a number to the unit which then 'speaks' the allophone.

In that way they can be strung together to form almost any word in, as the demonstration cassette shows, French, German and English.

Unfortunately while the PCB has been upgraded the demonstration cassette has not. Users who have an Interface 1 attached will find the computer crashes when the program is RUN. To overcome that edit line 5010 to:

OUT 31,a:GOTO 5000.

Despite that, the unit worked very well. A volume control would have been an added advantage but you cannot have everything.

For more details of the Sweet Talker, price £34.95, contact Cheetah Marketing Ltd, 24 Ray Street, London EC1R 3DJ. Tel: 01-278-6954.

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