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Chris Bourne


KELWOOD COMPUTER Cases has produced a powerful amplifier for the Spectrum to amplify games and keyboard beeps. It is contained in a plastic box only 4.5 x 2.5 x 1.75in. and contains a one-chip amplifier based on the LM380 chip.

It has a power ON/OFF switch, volume control and loudspeaker built-in and it runs off a single 9V PP3-type battery, which is included in the price.

It should improve most graphics games which have sound and make them more interesting.

A version of the amplifier can also be obtained built into the company's power base module - a metal sloping stand with power ON/OFF and tape LOAD-SAVE switch. It s called the Sound Power Base. It requires no battery as it is driven from the Spectrum power supply.

The Supersound Spec-amp costs £7 and the Sound Power Base £19.95 or £17.70 from Kelwood Computer Cases, Downs Row, Moorgate, Rotherham S60 2HD. Tel: 0709-63242.

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