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Carolyn Hughes
Book: Paperback
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First Steps With Your Spectrum, by Carolyn Hughes, is another book for beginners dealing only with software. It is published by Armada, a company which specialises in children's products and a first attempt at breaking into the computer field has worked. The book contains a satisfactory combination of text and illustrations. Unlike many other publications which bunch straight into an explanation of a computer language and how to use it, the author takes time to explain what a computer can do and why it would be useful.

Written in a style anyone should understand the book would be equally useful to an adult who knows nothing about computers but wants to learn.

The author has included several programs designed specially with beginners in mind. Some of them, such as the fruit machine, are predictable but others, such as Elephant, where you have to build an elephant, and Morse Mole, where you have to find a bleeping rodent, are brilliantly simple and perfect for beginners.

Well worth recommending, it can be obtained from Armada Original Publishing and costs £1.25.

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