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Chris Bourne


A VERY USEFUL device for young children is a Tactile keyboard which fits over the Spectrum keyboard. A plastic cover with a flexible top, the Tactile keyboard allows you to design a layout to fit a program.

Being a flat sheet, pictures or numbers can be placed over certain sections of the keyboard, so that children can be asked to "press the PEAR" and the like. The keys pressed can then be checked to see if the correct response has been given.

A piano keyboard is supplied already fixed to the keyboard and children find it fascinating as well as educational.

Programming tips are included so that a range of keys may be checked using Basic or machine code. Designs are made easier by the fact that a clear film can be used with overhead projector pens to trace pictures of objects direct from books and magazines. Early Learning Opportunities is producing software using the keyboard and a tape with a piano and a typewriter program is available from Tactile at £92.95. It as an important device for teaching children to use a computer. The keyboard costs £99.95 from Tactile, Wraith, 32 Elmfield, Kingswood, Bristol BS15 2SS.

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