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Hilderbay Ltd
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Hardware: Printing
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Chris Bourne


HILDERBAY has produced for the Spectrum a printer interface as well as software to run it, including a mini word processor. The black box has 23-way printer plug on the front and a ribbon cable of up to one metre ending in the usual Centronics-style plug. The box has no extender PCB, so any add-ons such as Microdrives must go between that and the printer interface.

The software is a Basic program and a small piece of machine code. The Basic program allows you to set up a series of options which are then incorporated into the machine code.

TASWORD can have the printer software inserted so that it uses another printer instead of the ZX printer.

The options on most printers are different but they can offer underline, emboldened or enlarged text using the graphics characters re-programmed to give control characters.

A COPY software routine is also included but not using the COPY command. All other commands are by the use of LLIST or LPRINT. There should be no need to go inside the printer to set up the CR/LF options as they can be set from the software.

It is a very good combination of hardware and software at £45. Hilderbay Ltd, 8-10 Parkway, London NW1 7AA. Tel: 01-485 1059.

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