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Chris Bourne


THE PRINT 'n' Plotter console is a cardboard stand for the Spectrum, printer and power supply. The console arrives packed flat and can be constructed easily into a solid, vinyl-covered box in about half an hour. The instructions are clear and simple and there is an alternative of housing four tapes instead of the printer. Cutouts are provided at the back for tape and TV power supply and a ventilation slot under the Spectrum heatsink. It is necessary to tidy-up with a black felt-tip pen on the corners where the vinyl has been cut. Those edges could also be covered with adhesive tape to prevent them wearing.

The only disadvantage seems to be that no peripherals will fit directly into the Spectrum except the printer because of the 0.75in. distance between the computer and edge of the console. Modifications, however, can be made with a sharp knife.

It is an inexpensive box into which you can put your Spectrum; it tilts it to the correct angle for typing and allows the power pack to be stored inside. By raising the height a slim tape recorder can also be put inside the box.

Print 'n' Plotter consoles cost £8.25 from Print 'n' Plotter Products, 49 Borough High Street, London SE1 9SE.

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