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Hardware: Joystick
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Chris Bourne


ELECTROTECH has produced a large box containing a programmable joystick and three large push-buttons. In appearance it looks very similar to the large games machine controls. A printed circuit board which contains a 2K RAM plugs into the back of the Spectrum. It is used to store the information on what keys to operate when the joystick switches are operated.

There are eight positions on the joystick as the corners also operate both switches. Whether that will be useful or confusing will depend on the game. All the micro-switches are large professional types which should last a long time. That also explains the cost of the joystick, expensive at £43.70 for the standard model.

A tape which accompanies the joystick is a Basic program which allows you to program the joystick and SAVE the results on to tapes as a machine code file.

It allows you to re-load the key combinations for a game without the slow process of the Basic program.

The keyboard is not affected and can be used as well as the joystick for entering the score. Seven functions can be programmed - three switches and a four position joystick.

The cost might suit some shops which wear out joysticks very quickly but there seem to be cheaper alternatives for the average user.

Electrotech is at 2 Heath Close, Winston Hill, Luton, Beds. Tel: 0582-429809.

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