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Chris Bourne


EAST LONDON Robotics has improved its SP48 kit which upgrades issue 2 and issue 3 Spectrums from 16K to 48K. The new kit, SP48b, has been introduced because Issue 3 Spectrums need an additional link to be made on the PCB. The kit includes a small metal clip which solves that problem.

The instructions supplied with the kit are clear and straightforward, most useful being a photocopy of the inside of a Spectrum with the positions of the chips marked and also showing the way they go.

If care is taken, fitting the kit can be attempted by anyone, whether having electrical knowledge or not.

To test the kit fully we obtained a 16K Issue 3 Spectrum and fitted it and, as always seems to happen when a number of people are watching, it did not work. We telephoned the ELR panic number and the problem was easily pin-pointed and a replacement chip sent.

It should be pointed out that the error was not due to ELR but a mismatch between two of the chips.

The offending chip was swapped temporarily with one from another piece of equipment and both worked after the transplant.

Also included with the kit is a free software tape entitled Beyond Horizons. It is a very basic program giving a few pointers on how the Spectrum works.

The SP48b costs £23, the kit for Issue One Spectrums is £35 plus 65p p&p, and is available by mail order from East London Robotics Ltd, Gate 11, Royal Albert Docks, London E11. Tel: 01-474 4430.

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